Hello to all!  My name is Tyler and I am a sophomore here at CUA.  I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering, am a member of the Honors Program, and I am also a member of Catholic’s Men’s Soccer Team.  I could tell you all about myself in a few short sentences, but instead of just rattling off a bunch of boring facts about myself, I thought I would take you through a typical day that I experience here at CUA.

Everyone morning I wake up bright and early at 8am with the sun peeking through the shades into my single bedroom in Opus Hall.  Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays I roll out of the bed, put on some Dave Matthews Band and get ready for my Engineering 201 Statics class, which starts promptly at 8:35.  I continue the day going to my Computer Science and Statistics classes wrapping up in the early afternoon.  I head to the Pryzbyla Center (where the cafeteria is located) for a later lunch usually consisting of a delicious turkey and provolone sandwich on multigrain bread with a few french fries on the side.  Upon returning to my dorm room I knock out some homework or catch a quick nap.  Occasionally my four roommates and I gather around the TV for an intense game of Mario Kart always ending on the legendary Rainbow Road, while the winner has unlimited bragging rights for the next few days.

Then around 5 in the evening I head to the Dufour Athletic Center for soccer practice.  The team gathers in the locker room, changing and getting ready to play.  Then together we all head up to our beautiful Bermuda grass soccer field where all my worries and stresses disappear, and competition, rivalry, and pure enjoyment are experienced.  The time spent out on the field with my teammates playing the game I love at a high level is always one of the best parts of my day.  After a few hours of hard work I return to the Pryz for a late dinner and then back to my room to wrap up my homework and study for any tests the next day.

And that is a quick rundown of my typical day on campus excluding game days and weekends.  I’m sure I’ll find a chance to talk about those days later as the year progresses.  I just figured that instead of stating that I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina, or that my favorite movie is the Dark Knight (both of which are true statements), but that I could give a quick rundown of a typical day here at CUA so you could just start to get to know me.  I’m sure along the way you’ll get to know me much better, but at least this is a start.  I hope you continue to follow our blog here, as I know Katie, Mary, Matt, and I all have different and interesting lives here a CUA, which we are excited to share with you all!


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