The Introduction

“Hello my name is Matthew and I am a Media Studies Major from Wilmington Delaware” is something I have said A LOT during my first three years as a CUA student, but I would imagine this holds true for most Universities. It’s your introduction, at least in the formal sense, and there are no shortages of them once you enter the world that is college. Every new year, new class, new club, actually, at the beginning of almost any interaction you’re asked to give the same things: Name, where you’re from, major, and sometimes even a fun fact. Yet despite how often this exchange seems to happen, I have found it never gets old. It’s always exciting in the moment. Will that person become a close friend? Will this person be someone I make a lifelong memory with? The possibilities are endless and it all starts with the introduction….those simple facts about yourself are the first steps you take towards all that CUA and college has to offer.

So I find myself here again. About to go on another journey with all of you and it’s time for me to make that familiar statement. My name is Matthew, I am a Senior Media Studies student from the FIRST state (Wilmington, Delaware) and I am incredibly excited to give you my perspective of what it means to be a student at the Catholic University of America.


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