Movin’ on in!

I’ve to go back three years in my mind now – to the day I moved into Catholic University. I am a proud (and sentimental) ‘Reganite’, this is back when Regan Hall was a co-ed honors dorm. Ah, how things have changed.

Coming from California was not only a ‘culture’ shock (as if American cultures really differ, but I’ll keep telling myself this) but a real pain to move my most prized possessions. Some necessary, most not. I shipped most out to my Aunt’s house in Maryland and went from there. My mom, my dad, and my sister were here with me to help move in. We rented a minivan and everything! A real treat. As we were driving up to campus, it became real. I was leaving home, like, for good.

While move-in day is scary for most, it is probably one of the most exciting experiences of your college experience. If you can get past all the people, all the new faces, all the other parents yelling at your parents to move their car (not really) without getting totally distracted, the first step is to find your residence hall. Once you succeed in that, you are ready to start lugging your stuff to your intended residence hall. Once you get everything set up and make your room your room (and maybe even meet your roommate) you can go explore a little. I walked around campus with my parents and my sister (we had Chick-Fil-A for lunch, yum!) and essentially ‘checked out’ the other Freshman. Not in a weird way, but I got a great idea of the awesome people I would be attending CUA with for the next four years. Once you say goodbye to your parents, you are on your own. Don’t let that scare you, because you have, like, a million campus activities to do before the end of the day.

Okay, so, I was supposed to write about my most memorable experience but I can only remember so many specifics! While I don’t remember exact scenarios or moments, I still know exactly how I felt setting foot on campus as a new CUA student. It’s incredible, really. Terrifying and wonderful and so exciting all at the same time. Soon enough, most of you will be able to know exactly what I am blabbering on about.





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