Your Community at CUA

I will be honest, I was overwhelmed before starting college last year. I was experiencing several different emotions all at once-nervousness, excitement, curiosity, but most especially anxiety about finding new friends and living in an entirely new place.

During the drive from Pennsylvania to Washington, DC I was given some excellent advice from my mom, who could tell I was feeling a bit uneasy about my starting new life at college. She told me to keep an open mind, about meeting new people and more than anything else to HAVE CONFIDENCE in finding my community within CUA.

During orientation weekend, I talked with my orientation advisers about what activities were on campus, they told me about CUA’s website called “The Nest” where I could find all of the organizations on campus. It was here that I began to find the communities that I wanted to become involved in. One group that I especially enjoy being a member of was “The Catholic Daughters of the Americas” organization on campus. I still remember going to the first meeting of the organization, I was extremely shy and felt as if becoming involved in an organization on campus was a MAJOR step out of my comfort zone. I then remembered what my mom had told me during the drive to CUA  during move-in day, to “have confidence”, so I went to the first meeting and without hesitation,  I immediately was welcomed into the Catholic Daughters’ community.

Finding my community here on campus was MUCH easier than I could have ever imagined it would be.Still to this day I remember those words, and encourage you to reflect on as well to “HAVE CONFIDENCE”. I want you to know that your very own community is waiting for you right now at CUA, and I can’t wait to see you in it!


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