Metro Madness Is Aptly Named

Here at CUA we introduce incoming Freshman to the college lifestyle through what is known as Orientation Week. This is where, before any of the returning students arrive for the semester, the newest class of CUA will be able to have campus to themselves, allowing them time to grow accustomed to their new-found freedoms before we “older kids” come and intimidate them with our veteran swagger. During Orientation, there are a ton of awesome events that are put on all over campus, from a full-out carnival to a simple breakfast for dinner night at the student food court. All of these different functions allow you to meet a ton of new people and get acquainted with those who will be traversing the journey of higher education with you for the next four years.

Truth be told it was at these Orientation events that I formed some friendships that I believe will last a lifetime. Everything is so amazingly fun and exciting as you are constantly swapping phone numbers with people with plans to hang out in the coming days. I honestly must have had about 200 new friends on Facebook after that first week alone, it’s very fun yet hectic time. However, looking back at my Orientation experience, which was three years ago now mind you (weird), to pick one thing that stood out would most definitely be an event very aptly titled Metro Madness.

Metro Madness is one of the marquee Orientation events here at CUA in which groups of Freshman sign up and are given two upperclassman guides to take them around Washington, DC performing various stunts and challenges in a very scavenger hunt-esc style of procedure. Each different stunt is worth a different amount of points depending on the difficulty and the 3 teams with the most points get some pretty cool prizes. Now, going into this I thought it would be pretty goofy, like proposing to 3 random strangers in the city, piece of cake right? Wrong! Metro Madness was one of the most exhausting, excruciatingly difficult, yet worthwhile experiences of my life. How could I have so much emotion wrapped up into one single memory of one single Orientation event, let me explain.

My team, who was made up of a group of girls and a friend I had met from my dorm, took up the mantra that winning meant everything so we shouldn’t even try if we weren’t going for gold. This meant we were going to try to do the most possible tasks within the time limit AKA we were going to go on a 10 mile run through the streets of DC…. Not to mention only choosing the challenges with the highest point rewards, one of which was eating an ENTIRE Chipotle burrito in under one minute. Thus, since I was the only guy on my team, I was chosen to do all the eating challenges, which I did. Those were then followed up with the previously mentioned 10 mile run to get in the most possible tasks. Yet, other than the pain, what I remember from that night is the laughing,  the amazing memories, and the friendships that I still value to this day, all forged on that night. It wasn’t until that event that I realized I truly was in college now, not to mention the Capitol of the country. It all kind of just hit me when we were standing in front of the Washington Monument just as the sun went down. The Monument looming overhead, the Capitol Building sitting tall and proud in the distance, all painted with that orange gold glow of dusk in late summer. Of course I couldn’t enjoy it long because we were sprinting to the next challenge in a matter of minutes but still… It was pretty amazing to me in that moment, and every day since, that I get to go to school where I do. The fact that I get to call this place home is something I will never take for granted, and something I hope all of you will get to experience one day.

So in short If all of you decide to come to CUA be sure to Metro Madness, you’ll never want to do it again, but you’ll never forget it.




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