My Home Away From Home

As I headed off to CUA, naturally I wondered what my living situation would be like.  What will my room look like?  Would it be small, dark, and cold like the way our parents describe their dramatic and often exaggerated collegiate years?  Will I have enough room for all of my stuff?  Will my bed even be comfortable?  The list of questions and variables goes on and on.  I’ll try to summarize the housing situation as a freshman here with reference to my own personal experience.

For your sophomore and freshman year, students are required to live on campus (if not commuting).  I can say that living on campus definitely helps with the adjustment to college and the city.  There are plenty of options on campus.

Centennial Village (CV) is located towards the center of the campus, and many freshman live here.  I lived in McDonald Hall which was the male Honors dorm, and was located in CV.  There are eight buildings in this “neighborhood,” all of which contain suite-style dorm rooms.  Each room is a double and connected to another double room by a bathroom.  The relatively private bathrooms were very nice, although we were required to clean them ourselves.  My suite-mates and I would often flip a coin to determine who’s turn it was to clean, but it was never as bad as we made it out to be, especially since everyone ended up pitching in anyway.

Other freshman dorms include Flather Hall (male), Regan Hall (female), and Ryan Hall (female).  These dorms have double rooms, but with bathrooms on each hall.  I had friends live in each one of these dorms, and besides the small inconvenience of walking a few steps to the bathroom, they all enjoyed their experiences.  I actually noticed a sense of community and friendship build between the residents on a certain floor in these dorms, where in CV, many friendships were built within the suite that you lived, not necessarily the entire hall.

I chose to live with a randomly selected roommate, because I wanted to get the full experience of college rather than living with one of my buddies that also went to my high school.  The random selection worked out well, and my roommate Joe and I got along real well.  I would say that for freshman dorms, my situation was very comfortable and pleasant.  The room was big enough for most all of my belongings and the bed was decent with the addition of my personal mattress pad.  I also enjoyed living with my suite-mates who, from being complete strangers at the beginning of the year, became some of my best friends.  I even chose to live with my suite-mates from freshman year for my sophomore year as well, and couldn’t have asked for a better living situation.

I would say that although the freshman dorms are not as big or extravagant as your personal, master bedrooms from home with king sized mattresses, I was very comfortable during my freshman year here at CUA, which made it very easy to adjust and eventually call my “home away from home.”

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