Comin’ home!

Hi guys!

This last weekend is one of the most exciting weekends of the year at CUA! Homecoming.

It’s like the homecoming you’re familiar with, but even better. Not only is there a dance, but a tailgate, a football game, and best of all, a lot of alumni come back to make an appearance. What that means to me is feeling like a freshman again, not as bad as it sounds. I got to reconnect with some great alumni that graduated a few years prior, and it was awesome to see what everybody’s doing now! But, at the same time, its terrifying because I know I’m ‘supposed’ to have my life figured out in, like, a year. Oh gosh.

The homecoming dance is like any other dance, with pretty dresses, suits, a homecoming court and everything! My best friend was on court this year, so it was just that much more exciting.

The football game is the next day with an early morning (11 AM) tailgate. The alumni get a tent to mingle and reconnect. Every year, they invite the current seniors, too! As for the football game, this year we invited Anna Maria College and beat them 49-0! Whaaaat.

All in all, it’s an awesome weekend. Having the alumni back is awesome because CUA is still their ‘home’. You know, like, HOMEcoming? Haha.



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