Homecoming: Familiar Friends

One of the best parts of CUA is that the friends you make here are something special. I know that even if I don’t see someone for a while, it doesn’t matter, when I happen to run into them again it will be as if nothing’s changed, the same laughter, same smiles. That is why Homecoming, which was just this past weekend, is such a special event every year here at CUA. All those friends you have made while in school, that have graduated and moved on to that scary thing known as real life come back and get to spend some time being on the campus again.

Homecoming this year had an added sense of importance for me, one because it was my last one as an undergrad student, but secondly because I knew a lot of people coming back to visit the alma mater. Seeing these old friends again was amazing, it is true that sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss someone until you run into them again. Catching up, swapping stories from the summer, asking about job prospects, all of it made me realize that even with graduation day on the horizon I can always come back to a place like this. That is always my favorite part of Homecoming, I mean… yea there is the tailgate (which rocked), everyone decked out in their red and black, all the different events on going on around campus, the football game itself, and much more. Really the best part for me, has to be the alumni coming back. Next year I will be one of them, which really just makes me want to curl up in a ball and weep for a few hours so let’s not go there. In short Homecoming is great every year because it brings the campus together like few other events during the semester can. Cardinals from every class all gather as one student body and just enjoy being a part of this community. Also, the fact that we won the football game 49-0 didn’t hinder anyone’s good time.


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