Orientation Extended!

For me, there were many reasons to be excited to return to Catholic University for the start of the new school year. However, something that I especially looked forward to coming back to the Catholic University of America this year, was all the ORIENTATION EXTENDED activities. What is “orientation extended” you may ask? Orientation extended is the first six weeks of the school year following orientation weekend. During this time frame, SO MANY activities take place. (I’m just glad the school gives out an “orientation extended” schedule, there are so many events to choose from!) The way it is set up, is that all the activities are divided into five categories based on the type if activity they are. In the past these five categories have been labeled as 1. “faith and service” 2. “personal development and community building” 3.academic and cultural 4. social and 5. health and safety. Not only do these activities allow you to meet so many new friends, but they also give you the chance to win some really cool prizes. Based on the number of orientation extended events you attend, you have the opportunity to win i-pads, gift certificates, and even lunch with the university’s president! Currently, this year’s orientation extended is coming to an end, BUT not to worry! October 12th is the orientation extended barbecue, it’s here when the winners of the prizes are announced, and makes for a great close to the 2013 orientation extended program. I cannot wait for next year’s orientation extended activities to begin!

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