The Beginning of It All

I will always remember my first feelings from the first few days at CUA.  Because I play on the Men’s Soccer team, I was required to move in about a week early for preseason.  I vividly remember driving up with my parents packed in our minivan with all of my stuff.  It hit me, as we entered DC on I95 and passed by the Pentagon, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol building, that I will be experiencing a whole different lifestyle here in the Nation’s Capitol.  It’s difficult to describe your feelings of excitement, nervousness, nostalgia, joy, fear, and courage, when they are all mixed together creating a new feeling that you’ve never felt before but which you will look back upon as the “feeling of college.”

We unpacked my stuff into my new room in McDonald Hall, I hugged my parents goodbye, and then I was on my own.  It’s a very different feeling for those first few hours when you think that you can literally do anything that you want to do, with no one having a say in what you choose.  I soon ventured up to the soccer field where I got to meet my teammates for the first time.  We all shook hands, introduced ourselves, and I had no idea of how close I would become with this team, and all the ups and downs we would share.

My next few days consisted of sleeping, eating, and playing soccer.  We had two, sometimes three practices a day, and with the free time in between, I had just enough energy to make the jump into my bed for a quick nap.  With fitness tests, scrimmages against D1 teams, and 6 am practices, the week of preseason felt like a month.

The other students moved in after the week of preseason, and I was acquainted with my roommate, suitemates, and fellow classmates.  The Orientation program was fantastic in that it was very easy to meet everyone else.  Events such as “Playfair” and “Late Night Breakfast” were great ways to meet others without the awkward first encounters that often happen between nervous teenagers.  I felt very comfortable in my transition to the college life, and once classes started, I had already met a good amount of my classmates.

So for me personally, my initial experience here at CUA was very tiring with soccer, but very still very enjoyable.  It is great to meet so many new people and develop relationships with these new friends that will last for the next few years and possibly a lifetime.  Moving to college offers a very unique situation in which you have a “fresh start” in a sense.  No one knows anything about you, and you have a chance to develop new relationships without your past mistakes or reputations following you.  The “fresh start” is a very comforting idea about venturing into college, and one that you can definitely take advantage of during your initial experience here at CUA.


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