Catholic’s Campus: Best Run Ever

In my opinion, CUA has one of the most beautiful campuses in Washington DC. You get all the perks of attending a university in a major city, however, as we have the largest campus in DC you also get the feeling of a college community that some metropolitan schools lack. All the amazing architecture, from the more modern buildings like the Pryzbyla Center, to the more castle-esc Gibbons Hall, tell an amazing story about where CUA comes from and where we are headed too in the future. Not to mention the BEAUTIFUL Basilica of Immaculate Conception, the biggest Catholic Church in the country, sitting comfortably right within the CUA borders. It is truly a campus that inspires, just being in a city like Washington and having all that amazing scenery is one thing, but with a campus like CUA has, providing a number of places where students can hangout, study, or just catch some sun it really becomes a home away from home.

So picking just one place to call my favorite place at CUA is just too hard a task for me to complete. Thus I’m taking the out and saying my favorite “spot” on campus is the run that I take everyday around the border of the university. CUA is definitely a big metropolitan campus in that we actually have one, instead of simply just having a bunch of buildings within the city. That being said everything is compact, making it easy to get around, and making the border of the main chunk of campus The. Best. Run. Ever.

It really is a beautiful jog, especially in the warmer months, like right now, when all the trees have their leaves, and the weather is just right. I actually love this run so much I get excited for it, even if it is a little hilly. Passing all the students going to class, the Basilica, Gibbons, O’Boyle, it just makes for a very sight-filled and interesting run every time, and being that one lap is about 2 miles, it’s also kind of the perfect distance, for me at least. My favorite time to go is dusk, when the sun hangs low in the sky and the whole campus has that beautiful golden tint to it. With campus to one side and the city to the other one doesn’t even really need music for it either. Just listening to the different sounds, of cars going by, birds chirping, students talking is extremely nice to focus on while huffing and puffing up and the down the hills. I truthfully am obsessed with this run as it is so close to campus (because it is campus), so scenic, and such a good workout. I would recommend trying it out if you guys like running and end up choosing CUA as your university, you won’t be sorry….. Seriously though… It’s pretty awesome.. Just saying.



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