Looking for a Job?

Let’s be honest, almost every college student wants to receive a job offer as they graduate from college (especially our parents)! After spending four years of your life studying and learning, you should be prepared to enter the working world, but it seems like finding a job is getting harder and harder these days.

Here at CUA, our Office of Career Services is a great resource for anyone who is preparing for, or starting the job search.  Students can go to them for resume help, interview preparation, and even graduate school plans.  Last Friday, the annual Fall Career Fair was held in the Pryzbyla Center and put together by the Office of Career Services.  This is always a great opportunity for many companies to send representatives to CUA to meet and recruit students and soon-to-be-graduates.

From 10:30 am to 2:30 pm on Friday, approximately fifty-five employers filled up the Great Room in the Pryz hoping to talk to and potentially hire CUA students.  Some of the employers that came to campus included: the American Association for the Advancement of Science, AXA Advisors, Balfour Beatty Construction, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the FDA, Prudential Financial, Teach for America, Ten Thousand Villages, US Department of Commerce and many others.  All of the companies were looking for spring or summer interns, or post-graduate full-time employees.  Even if you weren’t looking for a job right away, the Career Fair is a great place to practice your professional skills as well getting your name and resume out to a number of employers.

I went to the Career Fair, and it was a great experience for me.  The week before, I went into the Career Center Office, and they helped me refine my resume to a professional format, and helped me prepare for talking to employers.  This was all very helpful, and it made me feel much more comfortable talking to the representatives.  So then on Friday, I dressed up in my white dress shirt, red striped tie, and navy blazer (I was feeling spiffy) and walked into the Career Fair.  Even though I was not specifically looking for a job or internship, I introduced myself to a few employers, and gave out my newly-improved resume.  I always recommend the Career Fair to my friends, because the professional skills put to use at the Fair are lifelong abilities, which should be learned sooner rather than later.

Overall the Fall Career Fair is very well run, and is a great opportunity for all of the students here at CUA.  In addition to the Fair, the Office of Career Services offers other helpful services such as resume review, and a “How to Prepare for the Job Fair” seminar, and students should take full advantage of the options available to them.  I have even been able to use my resume for scholarship and research applications as well since the Fair and I feel overall more comfortable with my professional correspondence and business-related skills.

In order to find a job, you have to be proactive in your search, and the Fall Career Fair is a great place to start your search, while you don’t even have to leave the comfort of CUA’s beautiful campus!


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