I have been enjoying this semester so much that I cannot believe that we are halfway through the fall term! It seems like just yesterday I was becoming familiar with my class schedule, meeting my new classmates, and introducing myself to my new professors. Now all of a sudden, its time for midterms, BUT I am not worried, there are MANY resources here at CUA to help me prepare for these exams.

One cool thing about CUA is that the professors are ALWAYS there to help you. At the beginning of each semester when you start your new classes, your professor will give you a syllabus, which notes all of the important dates for that specific class. These dates will include the deadlines for your projects, papers, tests, and you midterm and final exams, Your syllabus is always a great guide to have handy. Some other items that your syllabus will include are the email address for your professor, in case you have any questions about homework, test information, etc. and also the OFFICE HOURS for your professor. You are probably wondering what in the world office hours are. Office hours are a specific time frame where you can personally go to your professor outside of the classroom, typically one would meet with their professor in the instructor’s office. Even though the professors have set office hours, many professors are also available to meet by appointment as well. Office hours are definitely a great benefit to take advantage of, and they have been a great help for me in preparation for my midterms too!


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