Open House

This last weekend, CUA hosted its first open house of the year. What that means is that prospective students and their families from all over come to ‘check out’ Catholic University. It’s one of my favorite events on campus. As a Cardinal Ambassador (campus tour guide, basically) we get to spend the whole day mingling and giving tours to the visiting families.

We had an awesome turnout for October and had almost 100 more families than last year! There’s something magical that happens for every open house. Whether the weather (ha, homonyms) is horrible the day(s) before/after or not, it is always perfect for open house. It was pouring the few days before, so we were a bit nervous about how it would turn out/how many people would show up. Although it wasn’t a ‘perfect’ day, we didn’t have any rain at all. It’s like we have some sort of connection with ‘the big guy’ or something. Ha. 

I can’t even tell you how awesome it is to see high school seniors and juniors so excited about CUA. I remember exactly how I felt when I was looking at coming to Catholic. Although I never attended an open house while I was in high school (flying from California is not cheap), I visited on a normal tour day and remember the excitement I felt.

While open house at CUA has a lot of activities for prospective students and their parents alike, my favorite is the student panel. Every open house has a couple of student panels where the prospective students (without their parents!) get to come in and ask whatever they want. The panel is usually made up of 5-7 current Catholic University students, so they really get ‘the inside scoop’.

All I have to say is that, if you have the opportunity, come to open house at CUA. It’s an experience in itself that’ll leave you with a good (accurately so!) impression of The Catholic University of America.




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