My Room

There are SO MANY things that I love about living at college. I have gained a deep appreciation of community living, and the residents on my floor have become like a second family to me. One of the things that I found to be the most exciting is that I got to decorate my very own room, and meet a new friend, my roommate! Last year, my freshman year, I shared a room with my roommate. It was cool to see how we had so many activities that we both enjoyed. For instance, we are both into Christian music, and we both LOVE baking. However it was also neat to learned about her different interests. I come from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, but my roommate was from the Los Angeles area. I learned that she was passionate about swimming, and enjoyed going shopping in Los Angeles. This year I am in a single room, but I live in a suite with four other girls. It is still really nice to see these friends when I come back to my suite after a long day of classes. However, I can always go to the privacy of my own room when I need to do homework, or just need some quiet time.

This year, I decorated my room with different pictures of me and my friends and family  (as opposed to last year when I decorated my room with posters of “Angry Birds” and “The Hunger Games”), but I’ve seen rooms that were decorated many different ways. (My favorite of my friends’ room is my one friend who brought all of her soccer medals from home and arranged them on the walls of her room here at college, they are really cool to see!). I encourage you to be as creative as you can in decorating your new college room, and most especially to HAVE FUN doing it!


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