FYE- First Year Experience

Part of the experience of freshman year at CUA is the opportunity to take classes that could potentially be outside of your major. During your first two semesters at CUA you will take philosophy, theology, and English classes, these are known as your “first year experience” classes. I was a little nervous when I heard about this because, since I am a politics major, my interests are more directed towards political science and international relations, not so much towards the subjects such as philosophy and English. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was in for a great surprise!

The neat thing about these three classes is that you will have the same students in each class. These fellow first year students are part of your LEARNING  COMMUNITY (called your “LC” for short). I met so many new friends in my learning community that I otherwise would not have met. As a learning community you will take your English 101 class, philosophy 201-202, and theology 201 classes together.  Yet, students of ALL majors are members of your learning community. Not only did I meet fellow politics majors in my LC, but I also met students who were studying nursing, psychology, business, and architecture. We had a blast in all of our classes together.

The teachers of the First Year Experience classes are really cool too. The Philosophy teacher of my LC arranged two pizza parties for our class last year, and we even took a trip into downtown Washington DC as a class!. The Professors of these classes also understand that it may be a little hard adjusting to college classes, so they are really understanding towards students. Although I am a sophomore this year and I no longer take “First Year Experience” classes, I still see my fellow LC classmates and professors around campus and say hi! I will always remember the wonderful memories from my First Year Experience at CUA.


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