Halloween on Campus!

I must say that I am very excited for this Thursday, IT’S HALLOWEEN!! I have finally decided on my costume (I have chosen to be a cowgirl) and I am all ready! One thing that I am really looking forward to on Thursday is that all of my friends and I are going to wear our Halloween costumes to all of our classes. It makes me laugh when I imagine my professor seeing a random cowgirl in his politics class, but I am certain that my other classmates will be wearing their costumes as well.

One big event that CUA hosts each year around Halloween is HALLOWEEN ON CAMPUS. This is when part of campus becomes a giant trick-or-treat neighborhood for local children. Generally, this event is hosted a few days before Halloween, but this year, the Halloween on Campus is actually on Halloween! Hooray! Along with all the candy that is given out, there are also MANY activities taking place for the children as well. The neat thing about it is that each student organization at CUA hosts a different activity for the kids. For example, the group that I will be helping out, “CUA Catholic Daughters of America” is running the ring toss activity.

Aside from this wonderful event, there have been many activities on campus leading up to Halloween. For instance, this past Saturday CUA took students on a trip to a giant corn maze! Also, last week CUA turned the Pryz lawn into a haunted house (I was too scared to go inside, but my friends who did go had a lot of fun 🙂 My favorite activity that put us in the mood for Halloween was the “barnyard bash” that CUA had last weekend. They gave cowboy hats out to everyone, and then we had a “catch the cow” contest (my friend dressed up like a cow and we got to chase him around outside) They even had Hay bales there at the barnyard bash!!

Halloween on campus is such an exciting time, I have had so much fun with all of the activities these past few weeks and I cannot wait for Halloween on Thursday!


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