Halloween In DC

Halloween is a pretty awesome holiday here in DC. There are so many things to do both on campus and around the city in the spooky month of October. On campus we have many activities that Mary talked about in the last post like Halloween on Campus for the kids in the Brookland area and even Halloween in the Pryz. They are having a special dinner of “freaky foods” and pumpkin carving contests in the Great Hall which will then go on display in the Student Restaurant. Here in our Opus Hall, where I live, we are having a small party in the lobby with root beer and candy and costumes. No matter what, you can definitely find something to do on campus to celebrate Halloween.

Off campus around DC there are even more options to celebrate. For one, there is Fright Fest at Six Flags in nearby Maryland. Catholic even sponsored a trip one Friday afternoon where you can get a bus there and back and tickets for the park for only 15 bucks! The trip is always a blast and the tickets sell out in like 30 minutes which is crazy fast so you gotta get ’em while they last!

There are also local pumpkin patches around the area in Maryland and Virginia. Some of my teammates went on a group date and spent a Sunday picking pumpkins with their girlfriends and then carving them later that day. Besides the rest of team jokingly giving them a hard time, they seemed to have a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch.

The National Zoo has many special exhibits as well. They have a “Boo at the Zoo” which is mainly for younger kids to go trick-or-treating around the zoo, but they also have the “Night at the Living Zoo” which is focused towards an older/adult population with palm readers, fire eaters, and other cool performances.

Many CUA students take advantage of the multiple opportunities to enjoy Halloween. There are plenty of options to dress up as your favorite superhero or scary monster and get in the Halloween spirit here in DC.



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