My College Search

Oh my goodness, taking me way back! Haha, I guess four years isn’t that far back. Alright. In my junior year of high school, I started the ever-so-extensive college search. I was pretty set on attending a California (where I’m from) state school and that was that. What I didn’t expect was that my high school guidance counselor (shout-out to Mary Victoria!) would open my eyes up to my many other options.

I went into her office one day to start planning for college(!). She got to know me and informed me of all of my other options. Some of her ideas seemed crazy to me: go all the way across the country… what?! And private schools? How will I ever pay for those? She answered all these questions and more! Lovely lady.

I ended up choosing a ton of colleges that looked good on paper. And by a ton I mean 17. And by “looked good on paper” I mean I liked their numbers: population, average class size, average financial aid package, all that good stuff you find on

I applied to 17 schools. I wrote 17+ essays. I filled out the common app. It was fantastically insane, really. Either way, after acceptance letters came out, my options were ‘down’ to 14. Greeeeat, now here comes the real decision. I slowly (but surely) started narrowing them down. After the first big ‘elimination’ (I think I watch too many game shows), I had a list of 5 schools I was very much interested in, three on the East coast (sorry, mom!) and two ‘close’ to home. I liked their ‘numbers’, their location, the correspondence I had with admissions counselors, their academic major offerings, ETC. I visited all of these schools (the BEST part of the college search) and, once again, ‘eliminated’ a couple more.

It came down to Gonzaga University (in Washington state) and Catholic University. I visited both schools one more time and decided that I loved the way I felt on campus here. I loved the proximity to the city but even more so loved that it felt like a real college campus. While Gonzaga U was equally as beautiful, I wouldn’t have access to the resources I do in DC. I love CUA and everything about it! So cheesy, but really.

I’m telling you, as stressful as it is for some of you right now, get excited! You’re going to college.




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