Time to Write that Research Paper

Although I enjoy writing, specifically articles, it is a little tricky for me to adjust to the writing style of a college research paper. Even though I wrote a few research papers in high school, I am still a little rusty with creating the whole structure of a research paper. So when two of my professors told me that I would have two research papers due in the same week, I was a little nervous. However,  I am very glad that CUA has the resources to help me design the content of my papers.

The first thing that anyone should do when writing a research paper, is of course RESEARCH. Now the neat part about being a first year student at CUA is that you have your very own EMBEDDED LIBRARIAN that you will meet in your assigned LEARNING COMMUNITY. The embedded librarian is there to help you answer any questions about the process of your research, and to help you navigate through the multitude of research options that the CUA library has. The Library at CUA, (called MULLEN LIBRARY) contains a wide variety of books, articles, scholarly journals, online databases, and other materials to assist you with research.

For step two of writing a research paper, I usually like to draft an outline and show it to my professor well in advance of the due date. that way they can let me know if I am heading in the right direction with drafting my paper.

Next, is the actual writing part of the paper- don’t worry though, its really not that hard. After I complete this process, I usually arrange an appointment with the WRITING CENTER  here at CUA in the Pryzbyla Center. To do this, I go to their website http://english.cua.edu/wc/ and schedule an appointment online. A staff member of the writing center then helps me edit my paper by offering suggestions to polish the structure of it, and making sure I include all my citations in the paper and reference all of the sources that I used. The people at the writing center are really nice too!

After doing the suggested revisions, my papers will finally be ready to turn in to my professors!

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