Why CUA?

Towards the end of the aforementioned college search (a couple of blog posts below), I had narrowed down my options down to Gonzaga University in Washington state (west coast, best coast!) and Catholic University here in Washington, DC.

As you can see, I chose (and very happily, at that!) The Catholic University of America for my four year university experience. I will tell you how/why I decided that this place should be my home for the most important, exciting, and developmental four years of my life.

To be honest, the first time I visited campus, I wasn’t all that impressed. What I mean by that was that it was my first time on the east coast in the Winter. I was NOT prepared for the cold. I know it doesn’t get that cold here in DC but it was definitely a lot colder than California (where I hail from if you’re just joining). I came to campus almost reluctantly. I was set on a big state school but my mom insisted we visit CUA because my high school counselor suggested we visit and, “we were already here” (on a Mid-Atlantic east coast college tour).

It wasn’t until my second time on campus that I had realized this place was the one for me. I already loved CUA ‘on paper’ but I loved how campus was in the Spring: people were outside, the weather was gorgeous, aaaand cherry blossoms! Even moreso, with the good weather came my realization that the community on campus was exactly what I was looking for. The students were all enjoying themselves and people seemed to know each other. Not the same way you know people in high school, though. Especially to those of you who go to a small high school (I did,too), don’t imagine it that way. It’s the perfect size: when I walk to class I’ll run into at least one person I know but will see about nine who I don’t. It’s the perfect situation! You’re always meeting new people, but will never sit alone in the cafeteria.

So, that’s why CUA.




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