Application Advice

Applying to colleges is truthfully one of the most exciting and simultaneously terrifying things a person goes through in their life. On one hand your starting that next big chapter, getting your first taste of adulthood and all that brings with it. However, it also brings with it a ridiculous amount of stress. It seems daunting, deciding where you will be pursuing that all important degree, why one school makes sense over another, and whether it is even worth applying somewhere. Just remember don’t sell yourself short. A lot of people I talk to are so afraid of rejection that they don’t even apply to certain school because they “don’t think I can get in”. To this I say, yea… you’re really going to have no shot at acceptance if you don’t even try.

I luckily had the guidance of my college coordinator Mr. Maulqueen to help guide me while going on the crazy journey that is applying to university, so let me pass some of his wise Yoda knowledge to all of you. Don’t buy in to statistics. Just because one school has a higher “ranking” then another means absolutely nothing if you’re not going to be happy. Sure there were schools that I was accepted to that were considered to be of “higher esteem” than Catholic when I was making my college decision, but I followed Mr. Maulqueen’s advice and didn’t let numbers go to my head and I couldn’t be happier. Choose somewhere where you will be comfortable, think about everything schools have to offer you, from student body, to location, athletics, and beyond and make your choice based upon where you feel you fit in the best. College is as much about finding yourself as it is about getting that degree so don’t feel pressured into going to best school you were accepted based on name alone. Really think about where you want to spend the next four years of your life, and then have a blast and enjoy the ride. As always I hope all is well and your college searches are fortuitous.


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