It’s Cool to be a Cardinal :)

This past weekend I was able to to show my CUA pride! One of the organizations that I am involved with on campus, the International Affairs Association, participated in a collegiate conference over the weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There were over 2000 students from colleges across the country who participated in the “UPMUNC” conference (University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference). However, there were eight of us from CUA who were proud to represent the Catholic University of America at the event.

This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy being involved in CUA organizations. While being a member of a student organization, you will have the opportunity to go off campus to do really cool events! Even though there is a plethora of events to pursue on campus, it’s a really neat experience to do outside activities with your club.

Some other examples are activities this coming weekend, the women’s and mens’ prayer group on campus (its Gratia Plena for the girls and Esto Vir for the boys) are going ice skating at the sculpture gardens this Saturday night. In addition, the “Catholic Daughters of America” student group on campus is having a luncheon downtown on Sunday. I am looking forward to both of these exciting events!

Which ever clubs you will be involved with on campus, get ready to have a great time both on and off campus!


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