What’s Going On

As the semester is coming to a close here in a couple weeks, I thought I would just write about what’s going on around CUA.  For one, this week is dubbed, Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week.  At Church on Sunday, grocery bags were distributed to students with recommended shopping lists for donations.  Everyone was encouraged to take a bag and fill it for food donations to the poor and homeless of DC.  Then Sunday afternoon the school put together a Homeless food run to spend some time serving the homeless of DC.  Throughout the week Campus Ministry is putting on many events such as a Hope Vigil, a showing of “A Place at the Table” film, and service trips to The Covenant House and Pathways to Housing, DC.

Besides the many service opportunities, students have a chance to save some money while venturing out in the city.  On Monday, the House (which is a student activity group) sold $5 tickets for a private showing of Hunger Games: Catching Fire this Friday evening at the Chinatown movie theater.  There was a line of about 90 people through the Pryz at 11am waiting for the tickets to go on sale at 11:20.  The tickets were basically sold out before even going on sale!

Then on Thursday the Office of Campus Activities is hosting a Fall Thanksgiving Potluck.  Students can sign up to bring different dishes of different cultural backgrounds to share with their fellow students.  They usually get a lot of different type of foods from around the world to share as a Thanksgiving dinner, and it is a really neat event.

Also this weekend the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music presents their production of Hansel and Gretel.  Our drama / opera productions are always enjoyable, and this one should not disappoint either!

Then next week we only have two days of classes!  We get Wednesday through Sunday off for Thanksgiving break, but those two days of classes are very busy.  I have a test and a paper due on Monday, which means I will be in the library for most of this weekend!  But the tough grind only makes the break that much better.  I look forward to going home and spending Thanksgiving eating, sleeping, and watching football.  Then once we get back we only have one week of classes and then one week of exams!  I can’t believe how fast this semester has flown by, but it really has been a great one.


Sorry all! This post was scheduled for last week! Hope you enjoyed it!



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