I am Accepted!

I remember way back in the day (about two years ago now) when I got my first acceptance letter.  It came in a big manila envelope addressed to myself and from The Catholic University of America.  Excitingly I opened it up and inside was a fancy red shiny folder as seen in the picture.  I opened that up to find the letter I’ve been waiting for, for about three months then.  It extended the “warmest congratulations for being accepted to study in our school.”  That was one of the those “relief moments” in my life realizing that I will be going to college, and I didn’t have to worry about all schools rejecting me.  Catholic was my first choice of schools, and I was thrilled to receive this letter.  I told all of my family, and they too were very excited for me.  They loved the school as well, and happy that I was accepted.  The next day I called up my soccer coach, and let him know I was accepted, and a few days later I confirmed that I would be attending CUA in the fall.  It seemed to happen all so fast, one day I’m uncertain about even getting into college, and then the next, committing and determining where I will study and live for the next four years.

Receiving that letter is one of the moments in my life that I will never forget.  Even though I received a few other acceptance letters, receiving my first one from CUA was a big relief and excitement for me.  That letter was the first time I realized I would be making a big step in my life, and moving on to bigger and better things at The Catholic University of America.


CUA Acceptance Folder


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