Acceptance: The Letter to Rule Them All

One of my best memories from the college application process was definitely the arrival of the all important acceptance letter. The eager anticipation in the weeks following your submitting of the application all culminating in that opening of your mailbox is a feeling that is rather hard to find in other situations. Of course it can be a feeling of either pure bliss or utter despair depending on the ever significant “size of the packet.” This is of course the way you can instantly know good news or bad news, depending on whether there is a big packet in the mailbox or a dainty envelope.
First, I would just like to touch on how much it sucks to get a letter of denial as I got one myself during my choosing of a university. It kind of feels like the end of the world, I know, but from someone who now has the gift of foresight, a lot can change in the span of 4 years. For example, I know of people who were denied from their top choice coming out of high school, took classes at another university for a year and then transferred into the school they really wanted to attend. I also know kids who got accepted to their top choice, hated it, and ended up transferring somewhere else. Just remember, even if you’re dead set on a specific institution, that just because it’s a no right now does not mean it’s no forever. There will be plenty of opportunities for change during your college tenure should you so choose.
Now on to the cool part of this article, the awesomeness that is the acceptance letter. Each one brings with it two definitive things, a smile and a choice. Each school will no doubted be in your favor when their specific letter arrives but just try to keep things in perspective. Once all of my schools had given me an answer I had five to pick from and the choice was really hard. All of them had shiny packets telling me how great it was going to be going to their school, how much fun I would have. Again guys, lean on what your gut tells you. If you truthfully feel like a place is right for you then go there, regardless of all the other factors whizzing around in your head. The acceptance letter is a fickle thing, completely reversing who has the power in the college application process. Instead of you asking them to judge you, you get to judge them and ultimately make the decision of where you will be going. So don’t let promises of grandiose go to your head, they all make those claims, pick the school that fits you the best, then settle in and enjoy the fact that you officially are a student in an institution of higher learning.

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