Thanksgiving at CUA!

Although, Thanksgiving at CUA is sort of like “the calm before the storm” before the following weeks of  final exams, there is a multitude of traditions that the CUA community does to honor the holiday.

For instance, each year CUA host a Thanksgiving cultural potluck, which is a dinner sponsored by the office of campus activities, CUAbroad and many student run cultural clubs (Society of Latinos, CUA Black Student Alliance, F.O.C.U.S-Filipino, Saudi Student Association, and more). This event usually occurs the third week of November and provides a wonderful opportunity for students to share cultural foods, customs, and traditions. This event also allows for the opportunity for international students to experience Thanksgiving by providing traditional Thanksgiving meals of turkey, stuffing, cranberries and all of the other thanksgiving delicacies.

Another event, especially for the students staying at CUA over Thanksgiving break, is having Thanksgiving dinner with the University Chaplin. This tradition in the CUA community is a very special time for fellowship and community development among students. After the return of all students from Thanksgiving break, is when all of the CUA Christmas festivities begin! Hooray!!!


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