Last Week of Classes

I can’t believe how fast this semester has gone by!  I feel like I was just writing my first post for the blog and now we are in the last week of classes for the Fall 2013 semester… Wow! Although this is a very busy week with finals review, papers due, and tests to take, I’m still finding time to enjoy myself in this hectic time.

Monday evening was the annual Honors Christmas Dinner.  All Honors students were invited to the Great Room in the Pryz where we gathered at 6pm for hors d’oeuvre and a social time to mingle with teachers and fellow students.  Then after about 30 minutes everyone found their tables, and gathered for a great feast of salad, roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables, linguine pasta, honey basted ham, baked pork, and an assortment of rolls.  It was a great meal, and was made even better with the company of my friends all dressed up, making a lovely evening.  We even ended dinner with a great dessert spread of different pies.  Overall it was a lovely evening, and one of the reasons I enjoy being in the Honors Program.

The next day, I attended “A Christmas Carol” at the historic Ford’s Theater, where President Lincoln was shot. It was such a cool experience.  We sat in the front row of the upper balcony and could look right across to where Lincoln himself, sat before he died.  The theater was much smaller than I was expecting, but still very beautiful.  The play itself was excellent, with great music, acting, and dancing.  It was a very enjoyable evening, and I would recommend that to anyone looking for something new to do out in the city.

Red at A Christmas Carol

Looking ahead to this weekend, CUA is holding the annual Mistletoe Ball.  This is a school dance that is held off-campus at the Marriott Wardman Hotel in the city. It’s a Christmas themed dance where me and my friends will all get dressed up and have a fun night of dancing.  We are even splitting a hotel room, so we can just crash there right after it ends!  I can’t wait for it, as I know it’s going to be a lot of fun.

So even with all of these papers and exams looming in this week and the next, students are still finding ways to enjoy the Christmas season as the semester draws to a close.  I always need a break from all the studying anyway and those are just a few of the things I’ve been doing to keep myself sane.  I wish everyone else the best of luck on their finals coming up as well!  The Christmas break will be well-deserved.


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