CUA, sweet CUA!

We’re baaaaaack! (Cue horror movie music).

After almost a month(!), Catholic University’s campus is again teeming with life. And snow. For Christmas this last year, we had four weeks of vacation. Enough time to bring two suitcases home. Enough time to eat at all of the restaurants that I so very love (In ‘n’ out, basically). Enough time to go back to your summer job at that one frozen yogurt shop. And even enough time to miss school again. And as soon as that happens, it’s time to hop on the plane, train, bus, or car back to our beloved campus in the beautiful District of Columbia.

To be honest, though, it has been a bit hard to readjust to life back in the ‘district’. I say that solely because of the 50 degree temperature difference. Having a long break from school is nice and all, but I more truly and wholly appreciated my Californian 77 degree Christmas. Other than that, the transition to a new semester is never too bad. I love that a new year brings a new semester brings a new set of classes.

This semester (assuming you’re interested); I have a packed schedule. Packed meaning I’m taking 6 engineering courses. BUT only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As nice as having four day weekends is, the days of classes themselves are brutal – 8 hours each! As far as everything else goes here at CUA, everyone seems to be adjusted and happy to be back.



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