Back and Ready for Action!

It’s baffling to me that I’ve just crossed the last day of Week 4 off my English Syllabus. One month ago was New Years Eve. Two months ago, I was perusing the world ranked Christmas market in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Hi, I’m Morgan! I spent last semester studying abroad in Leuven, Belgium, where I attended classes and interned for the European Union with three friends from Catholic and 21 new friends. I interned for a member of Parliament from Latvia and focused on the EU’s relationship with Ukraine- what a time for that focus! Study abroad was absolutely incredible, and it’s still hard for me for put the experience into words. Let’s just say that I’m just now getting over being abroad- sick. Since everyone asks, my favorite trip was to Italy, a seven cities in nine days experience. Within that trip, Rome was the most fun. In Rome, we prayed with Papa Francesco, explored the Colosseum, and sang karaoke in an Irish pub. We also kidnapped some of our CUA friends who were studying abroad there and coerced them into being our personal tour guides. Taking a break from Italian maps that looked like spaghetti thrown against a wall, was quite the relief.

Despite my incredible adventures across the pond, I’m excited to be integrating back into my life as a CUA student. Last semester my classes were all about Europe- culture, history, politics. Getting back to a more diverse class selection has been pleasant. I’m even taking a class with President Garvey, called the Virtues. It’s highly discussion based (which I live for), and it gives me the chance to get to know CUA’s President. How did I get that lucky? I’m also taking a Sports Marketing class, which is really spicing up my schedule, otherwise comprised of Philosophy, English, and Politics classes. If you haven’t guessed- I’m a Politics major working towards minors in English and Philosophy.

Aside from classes, I stay busy on campus through student orgs. When I first came to Catholic I promised myself that I wasn’t going to simply attend college; I was going to be an active participant. I do so with College Republicans and Program Board. I even just let a friend convince me to join an intramural basketball team. I honestly do not remember the last time I even touched a basketball. Wish me luck! I sit on the Executive Board of College Republicans, as the Inter-org Liaison, meaning I’m the primary contact between CR’s and other student orgs we’re working with, primarily the College Dems (yay bipartisanship!). After a semester of missing my dear club, I plunged right into work, planning a State of the Union watch party for all students interested in watching El President with others. One day in class, I had an event to do list on my desk, and the freshman boy sitting next to me told me he had seen our banner in the Pryz and was so excited to watch the SOTU with friends instead of just his mom. It made my day and made me feel like I was back in the heart of CUA. Next Project: President’s Day Presidential Trivia. That’s one of those things that I don’t know if it’s fun for everyone or just me because I err on the nerdy end of the spectrum… What is fun for everyone is Program Board!!! On Program Board, I’m back as an Assistant Spirit Chair. Now, last year I was the Marketing Chair, so I was a little nervous about coming back on the planning side instead of the ad side, but so far so good! Our first big “Spirit” project is, Mr. CUA, one of the most fun events PB puts on. In fact, I’ve spent the entire week tabling in the Pryz taking nominations for the event. I will admit here that I spend half my tabling time nominating people… Some friends and then of course some guys on campus that I just think are attractive and want to see rock their formal wear on stage. Sue me!

So one reason I went abroad in the fall is because I LOVE spring at CUA. First of all, this spring we have THE OLYMPICS. I cannot wait to spend hours watching curling with my friends. Why doesn’t Catholic have a curling team? I’d totally do that. Anyway, so many fun events happen in the spring. I already mentioned Mr. CUA, which is at the end of February. Now, I personally think that should be before Valentine’s Day so you can really choose your Valentine wisely, right?! In the spring, Program Board also hosts Founder’s Day Ball, which has been one of the highlights of my year for the past two years. We get all dressed up, and it’s held outside in between the Basilica and the library, which is one of the most beautiful spots on campus, in my opinion. It’s also held during prime Cherry Blossom time, another perk of a DC spring semester. We have them on campus, too! I love seeing the mall blush with pink and come alive with tourists dwelling in the beauty of the tidal basin. I can usually bribe friends and family to come down around then as well, as if I weren’t enough… We already established that I’m a bit of a Politics nerd, so one of the other things I’m most excited for this semester is election season! Now, College Republican elections are always taken very seriously (Obama and Romney have nothing on CUA kids vying for Chair). We all think we’re running national elections over here, so it gets a little dramatic, and you can just kind of sit back, relax, and watch. Popcorn and Sour Patch Kids, anyone? Is it wrong that I look forward to the drama? Maybe, but hey, I’m Politics, what can I tell you. It always ends up resolving itself by the time the banquet comes around. The College Republicans’ Banquet is truly an event to look forward to all year. We like to do it big. Last year, we rented this fabulous venue, with a rooftop terrace and a view of the Capitol building. I’m already pumped about this year’s! This spring even has something special: a SPRING CONCERT! Program Board is throwing what’s bound to be an epic concert, called Springstock. It’s the first concert we’ve had here since I’ve been here. It’s a big secret who’s performing, much to my irritation as a nosy girl. I ask the Program Board Chair in charge who it is just about everyday. I’ll break her soon, I can tell.

There is so much to look forward to this semester! I’m really happy to be back home for it. I missed CUA and all this action while I was gone.


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