So the job quest begins…

Midterms are under way. Spring Break is in sight. We had a warm weekend.

All these things are great; they mean summer is coming! Which means that I need a summer job… This summer, I’m hoping to stay in DC, soaking up the swampy heat with my friends. However, that means getting a job here. One of the reasons I initially wanted to come to Catholic and DC was to take advantage of the political groups here- to truly immerse myself in the political culture. Once I got here and fell in love with the rest of the city, I knew I needed to spend a summer here to get as much of it as possible. A lot of my friends are planning on sticking around this summer, and we’ve already begun planning hikes, beach get aways, and all the city adventures we haven’t been able to enjoy over the busy school year. I really want to go on a ghost tour! Look: Also let’s not even start talking about how amazing it’s going to be to celebrate the 4th of July in DC. That’s like a real life bucket list item.

I started looking into internships at the beginning of February and quickly noticed that a majority of the positions I would be interested in are of course… unpaid! Having unpaid internships is a little bit of a joke in my family, as I generally end up needing an additional job to support my unpaid internship. For example, one summer I interned for my Senator in the state office. I went in three days a week and paid $10 for parking every day. It looks like this summer will be no different!

I’m a busy body, and I love being constantly on the go. My goal for this summer is to have three jobs, which seems a little absurd, but I figure with one career advancing job, one job in the city, and one job on campus I’ll be set! I have to make enough to support myself, put some away, and enjoy myself. Most of my apps are due April 1st, so I’m really counting on spring break to get them all in. There are so many great opportunities in DC. This is my favorite intern website: Not only do they show great internships, but they also have cool networking and social events for students though out the city.

So far, I’ve landed my on campus position working for the bookstore. I’m excited because over the summer, they’re going to be moving into the Monroe Street Market across from campus. They’ll be expanding to include a Barnes and Noble Cafe. In high school, I was ALL about doing homework there in my local B&N, so I think this will really be an asset to the school. It’s fun planning on being here for the summer. One of my friends just landed an awesome nursing position at Georgetown Hospital. Another one just got a great consulting position.

On one hand, I feel like this is my last summer; after this I’ll be entering the work world. On the other hand, I can’t wait to see what great jobs lie ahead of me this summer.


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