Fall in Washington, D.C.

One of the things that I love most about going to school in D.C. is that the city actually has four seasons. This is something that I have really grown to cherish since I come from the land that is infamously known as “Hot-lanta.” Fall in D.C. lends itself so much to tourists, residents, and college students alike. Between the beautiful change of colors on Catholic’s campus to the wide selection of new fall flavors at Georgetown Cupcakes, fall is a magical time in this city.

If you were to ask any seasoned D.C. resident about his or her favorite thing to do in the city during this beautiful season, chances are visiting Eastern Market will be mentioned numerous times. Eastern Market is a fabulous place to visit any time of the year, but something about it during the fall makes it even more special. A perfect day for me would be to wake up early (so 10AM in college-student time) and meet my friends to go to Eastern Market. Once getting there, we would find a killer brunch place (going to brunch in D.C. is a right of passage). After we had our fill, we would walk around and visit all of the different vendors that sell things such as fresh produce all the way to paintings and jewelry.

Another great advantage of living in D.C. is that we are so close to both Virginia and Maryland. One thing that I absolutely loved doing last year (and intend on doing again this year) was going to Great Falls Park in Virginia. This is unfortunately not metro-accessible, but getting an Uber or cab for the 12 minute drive that it requires after riding the Metro is SO worth it. I was lucky enough to go with my Program Board family last year for a bonding trip. We spent the day hiking and viewing the beautiful fall colors overlooking the water. This is a great way to get out of the city for a little bit and get some fresh air.

Fall in DC photo 1

One of the many benefits of attending Catholic is that there are always really cheap (or free!!) activities going on. For example, just last night as a part of CUA Nite Live (Thursday night activities that happen a few times a month), I was able to go on a ghost tour of D.C. for free! I absolutely love hearing ghost stories, so this was right up my alley and was such a fun October thing to do! It was a great way to get off campus for a night and do something that I would not normally get to do. I even got to snap an obligatory White House picture with a few of my friends! Another great activity CUA offers is the annual Campus Ministry trip to Six Flags for Fright Fest. Normally Six Flags is a VERY expensive trip, but this was only 15 dollars (right up the average broke college student’s alley)! I love that Catholic caters to things that we really want to do exclusive to the fall season while making it super cheap.

Fall in DC photo 2

CUA students are so lucky to live on a campus that is absolutely beautiful during the fall. There are so many different colors on campus; it is almost too hard to not be outside all the time doing homework or just hanging out with friends. Fall is definitely not a time to overlook in the amazing Washington, D.C.

– Amanda Cristi


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