Why I Chose CUA

As a fourth year tour guide, I have been asked many times, “Why should I come to CUA?” or possibly, “What makes CUA special?” No matter whom you ask the answer will always be different. Personally, I think the best thing about CUA is the versatility it provides. Here you can take the time to truly hone in on what you what to study, and concentrate those studies into one specifically designed major. As music major, I was particularly interested in finding a conservatory style program within a larger university, thus allowing me to take classes in other areas as well. CUA was just the ticket. I have been able to earn a degree specifically in the concentrated field of Musical Theater Performance while finding pleasure in other courses as well. As a sophomore I took a survey course of Western Art History from the Renaissance onward. Not only did that class give me a vast cultural understanding of art through the ages, but it also pushed me academically. I have heard of many students who have cross disciplinary majors, or minors in fields other than their own. I believe that the academics here at CUA are extremely well-suited for students to truly explore throughout their educational pursuits.

However, as we all know, college is not entirely about the academics of a school. You have to choose a university that feels like home. For me the location made me feel very much at peace here. When I was in high school I knew that could never go to a school that didn’t have the classic university campus feel; the big green lawns and classic style buildings. However, I wanted to attend a university within or close to a thriving metropolitan area. I thought it would be nearly impossible to find both. But to my luck, Catholic had the city location combined with a beautiful campus. I never felt like the city was encroaching upon me, but at the same time the events and internships were fully at my disposal. It was the perfect marriage of the two.

Overall, no two people embark on the same college search. You have to just start touring campuses and trying to get the feel of what schools make you feel both comfortable and excited. On tours, ask about what the tour guide does for fun, what internships they have had, and what the school is like on the weekend. Try to get a feel for the school past the tour of the academic buildings. In the end, you have to do what feels right for your specific future. For me, and hopefully for you as well, Catholic University was the perfect fit. I am one semester out from graduation, and I will never regret the four years I chose to spend here at CUA.

– Eleanor Tynan


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