CUA School of Engineering

One of my favorite things about Catholic is the constant sense of community that I feel every single day. The word “community” is applied to every aspect of my experience at CUA: on campus, within the residence halls, in student organizations, etc. One of the places where I feel most at home on campus is within the School of Engineering. Within the School, I have classmates, professors, and advisors who comprise one big support system.

The first few classes you take as an engineering student are introductory classes. These courses have stayed with me throughout my time here at CUA, even though I am a junior now. The people you meet in these classes will be your friends and peers for four years. You create a common bond through these classes and are given group projects, where you learn how important it is to work as a team. Your professors for these courses end up teaching your upper-level engineering classes as well. It’s a really great way to ease into the engineering curriculum.

Another awesome aspect of being in the School of Engineering is the amount of support you receive from your professors. I could probably go on for days about all of my professors and how great each individual one is, but I will just say a few general things which can easily apply to all of them. In the CUA School of Engineering, every professor’s door is open for you at all times. With these tough courses it is sometimes easy to feel overwhelmed and a little lost. I have visited my professors’ offices countless times, and they welcome me with open arms. In addition to professors being easily accessible for help, they are all very intelligent. Most of them come from backgrounds of immense amounts of research and work experience. This may not seem important yet, but when you’re looking for a job or internship down the road, these connections are crucial.

On the topic of internships and jobs, as an engineering major, real-world experience is invaluable. This past summer, I interned with a construction company to gain this aforementioned experience. Please see the lovely selfie below as a visual of what I looked like all summer. I am also wearing khakis and workboots in this photo but you clearly cannot see them. Working on a construction site gave me experience working with project managers, subcontractors, owners, and architects. If it were not for the School of Engineering and the Office of Career Services, I would never have had this opportunity.

Engineering photo

Being a part of the School of Engineering at CUA has been a great experience. I am so proud to be an engineering major at Catholic. I love being at a University where there is constant support and encouragement from my professors. I have had nothing but positive experiences with the School of Engineering and I am so happy to be enrolled as a Civil Engineering student!

– Lexie Mayewski

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