A Day in the Life of a CUA Sophomore

Before I started college, I did not know what to expect when I got here. Going from a set schedule of seven classes each day, five days a week, I could not imagine what my day would be like once I became a college student. One thing that definitely does take some getting used to was having free time in between all classes, activities, and jobs that I have. Here is a typical Monday for me:

9:00 AM: Wake up. Yes. You don’t have to wake up at, like 6:30 in college. It’s wonderful, right?

9:30 AM: Do homework. After I get ready, I do some homework that I neglected to do for my classes that day. This is one of the great things about college. You have the possibility to have free mornings to do different things: go to the gym, do homework, or even sleep in longer.

10:30 AM: Give a tour to prospective students and their families. This is one of my favorite things to do with my time at college. I love being able to show people who are interested in spending their college career at Catholic the school that I love so much. It lets me take my mind off of things for about an hour.

12:00 PM: Have lunch with friends. I grab lunch with some friends. This is a time that we get to talk about how our day is going before most of us have to go to class.

12:40- 1:30 PM: Intro to Mathematical Thought Class. It still blows me away that my first class of the week begins at 12:40 in the afternoon. In this class we talk about various math concepts for 50 minutes.

2:10- 3:00 PM: Italian Class. I have this class three times a week. This is something I really look forward to because I am an Italian Studies minor. During the first few years of college, one typically completes classes contributing to a major, a minor, and other required classes.

3:00- 4:45 PM: Program Board office hours. I am a part of an organization called Program Board. We plan a lot of on campus activities that students can enjoy. Since I am a part of the executive board, I am required to hold office hours. I usually just do homework during this time period, but I have to be available to answer questions that other students may have.

5:00- 6:00 PM: Work. I work in a residence hall office and assist students who live in an area on campus called North Neighborhood One.

6:30- 8:30 PM: Dinner and homework. I use this time to meet with some friends and do homework. This is a great opportunity to unwind after a long day.

8:30- 10:30 PM: Program Board meeting. Every Monday, all of Program Board meets to talk about past events and what we can improve, and also what our future events will entail.

This is the end of my day, finally. I love keeping a busy schedule, but now I have time to unwind and finish more homework for Tuesday.

– Amanda Cristi


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