Thanksgiving at CUA

Fall is finally officially upon us, and I have packed away my shorts and capris and unpacked my Uggs and fuzzy socks. All across campus, the leaves have either fallen or reached their peak yellow, orange, and red hues. The buzz about midterms is finally over and students are enjoying a little rest before the tidal wave of final papers, exams, and projects. The one thing that every student looks forward to is Thanksgiving break. This is a glorious five-day break from classes before said wave of work hits CUA. While many students go home for the holiday, students are allowed to stay on campus during this time.


In the weeks leading up to actual Thanksgiving, amazing things happen across campus. November 1st hits and suddenly the residence halls are covered in “What are you thankful for” bulletin boards and turkey-shaped name tags. The emails we get all involve being thankful or giving back to others who are less fortunate than us. Campus Ministry hosts a huge canned food collection. There is absolutely no denying that Thanksgiving is upon you based on everything that happens in the month of November.

A great tradition is hosted on campus in celebration of Thanksgiving. The Office of Campus Activities hosts a cultural potluck about two weeks before the holiday so everyone can get together to celebrate. Not only does this get you in the spirit, but it also is a great way to celebrate the various cultures that comprise CUA’s student population. All cultural organizations are encouraged to bring a dish which celebrates their culture and it is a huge success yearly.

Good news: If you do happen to stay on campus for Thanksgiving itself, there is a perfect way for you to spend your time! The Office of Campus Ministry hosts a delightful and delectable feast on Thanksgiving, free of charge. Though I personally go home for Thanksgiving, I know people that have stayed in the past and say that having Thanksgiving with your CUA family is a close second to having it with your own family. There is definitely no shortage of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and my personal favorite, dessert.

So now this begs the question: what am I thankful for? I am thankful for attending a wonderful university, having amazing family and friends, and having so many opportunities as a young adult in Washington, D.C. This Thanksgiving, I challenge you to reflect on what you are grateful for and how you should portray that gratefulness to others. I know for me, I love to write people letters. I am thankful for people in my life, so I write them letters. I challenge you to find a way to express your thanks to the wonderful people you have in your life.

– Lexie Mayewski

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