Media Studies at CUA

One of the reasons why I chose to attend Catholic is because they offer such a wonderful Media Studies program. When I tell people my major, I get a lot of questions- mostly asking what it really entails. I usually just tell people that it is basically a more in-depth version of a communications major, but in actuality, Media Studies is a lot more than this and branches out into many different fields. Some people who graduate with a Media Studies degree decide to go into fields such as journalism, public relations, directing, producing, and even law.

The first few courses that Media Studies students are required to take include typical introduction classes. With these courses, students learn the basics of analyzing different forms of media and start to grapple with media discourse. During junior year, students split off into one of two concentration groups: media analysis and media composition. Those who choose media analysis are usually looking to go into a field with more of a corporate feel, whereas those who choose composition want to do things such as directing and filming.

Something else that is extremely special about Catholic’s Media Studies program is the help and support from the professors. Each professor is extremely helpful and quite obviously passionate about his or her lines of work. I have been in relatively large lecture classes and the professors have gone out of their way to learn each person’s name. They are all very personable and have doors always open to help you with papers, internships, and even your future in the media world.

Each Media Studies student is required to have at least one internship. Attending a university in Washington, D.C., obviously has its internship perks, but being a member of the Media Studies department at Catholic gives students even more of a leg up because there is unlimited assistance. There are many awesome internships with companies including the Washington Nationals, CNN, The Washington Post, and Disney/ABC Television Group.

I absolutely love being a part of Catholic’s Media Studies department. Being able to be in an environment where I am always critically thinking, analyzing, and being creative is exactly where I want to be.

– Amanda Cristi


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