The Final Stretch

It’s right there! The semester is coming to an end and (for most of us) only a few more finals are in the way. This is it.

You can tell when finals are here. The Pryz is always filled no matter what time of day it is, the library is quieter (yet louder) than usual, sweatpants and hoodies become even more of a thing, and Starbucks cups are just as abundant as squirrels are in the spring. Finals induce stress, and lots of it. Perhaps ask someone how his or her day is going once we come back from break, because you can probably infer how someone’s day is going just by their facial expression. For example, there’s the “I just failed that test” face, the classic “don’t bother me” face, and the infamous “I NEED MY STARBUCKS” face. So maybe hold off on meeting new people until next semester, after they are filled with holiday cheer and family time.

So why are finals so stressful? These last few exams are what we have been preparing for all semester. From what we learned on that first day of class to what we learned last week, all of us are trying to cram everything we have learned into our heads for this one last hoorah. Sometimes, finals can even determine whether you pass or fail a class, because they usually count for around 20%-30% of your final grade. So yeah, that’s why people can stress out a little for these things.

Personally, I think this Christmas break has come just in time. It’s been a long semester and going home for almost a month will be a good time to relax and reflect on the semester. So that’s what I use as motivation to study for these last few exams. I just think to myself that once Saturday comes, I’m going to be free of tests, quizzes, projects, and papers for a whole month. And that feeling is what pushes me to put the extra time and effort in to study for these finals. Have a good break and enjoy the holidays!

– Andrew Santiano


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