What Makes CUA Unique?

What Makes CUA Unique?

If there were ever an appropriate time to break out into Hannah Montana’s “Best of Both Worlds” hit, it would be now. Don’t worry, I’ll save us from the middle school flashback. I’ll simply say that CUA can’t guarantee you the life of an international pop sensation, as well as a normal high school teen. However, it will guarantee you the best of both worlds: college edition. CUA is unique because it offers the endless opportunities of an urban institution, while also creating a tight-knit community with a variety of opportunities for students to bond and get involved. The opportunities are endless!

The City Life

Anna Picture 1 2.3Personally, being near the city gets better and better every day. Not a single Sunday goes by whem I am bored and wish there was something to do. Instead, I just hop on the metro and pick a place on the city map and go exploring. For example, just last weekend my friend and I headed into the city and were able to check out a restaurant near the White House (Founding Farmers), shop around Georgetown, check out a popular arts and food market called Eastern Market, and visit the Library of Congress. We did all of this with plenty of time to come back, relax in our own room and eat a “free” meal.  Within a few months, I have been able to check out our city’s awesome tourist attractions, like all of the monuments, as well as the hidden gems, such as the cutest little bookstore called Capitol Hill Books (across from Eastern Market).Anna picture 2 2.3

When I was visiting schools just over a year ago, I was attracted to all of these great city features. However, I became concerned with the fact that being in an urban environment might also mean getting lost in one. Would students trek out in the city as soon as their classes were over, never to be heard of again? CUA solved this fear. The campus is a community where you see people you know and love throughout the day. There are plenty of activities to meet new friends and students are constantly busy getting involved.

The Campus Life

Anna picture 4 2.3Friday Nights with the House are some of my favorite activities here on campus. Every Friday night, Campus Ministry’s student organizers, called the House, organize an event for students. The best part? They are free or cost next to nothing. The city can be expensive so this is an excellent way to save a few bucks and be involved with the community. These events include: going to see the Washington Nationals play, a midnight monument boat cruise on the Georgetown riverfront, an evening trip to Baltimore, and more. In addition, campus comes to life with Program Board, our social event Anna picture 3 2.3coordinators, events like Capital Fest. Just this past fall, we had the band Walk the Moon come and play a free concert on our lawn. Aside from the big events here on campus, every day there is an abundance of ways to further immerse yourself in the community. Each week we get an email of all of the events and clubs that will be occurring. Do you want to: volunteer for Habitat for Humanity on Saturday? Give service for a homeless food run on Tuesday? Attend a fun trivia contest on Thursday? Or join your fellow dorm mates in a Super Bowl party on Sunday?

Here at CUA, there is simply no way to ever be bored.

– Anna Hallahan

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