Favorite Study Spot

It’s no surprise that studying at a University comes with large amounts of classwork, studying, and dedication. Hopefully, you can find a major that you thoroughly enjoy so that the time you take studying never actually feels like “work.” Everyone has their tricks to get through their assignments. Some people work better in loud places, some in the food court surrounded by other studying people. Others choose to procrastinate and bury themselves in the library for days in order to complete their assignments (I personally enjoy my sanity so this is not my chosen method, but to each his own). I am one of those students who does best when I set myself up in a mainly quiet study space, surrounded by the tools I need to complete my assignments. For me, this place is the back area in the Music Library. It is tucked away behind stacks of old bound music sheets. There are two tables, one a long farm-like table meant for group study and a few quiet individual tables. The latter are my sanctuary. There, with my laptop, obligatory Starbucks coffee, and my headphones, I can crank out papers, plan performances, apply for jobs, create websites, or research historical periods without interruption. I think my love of this study area is its ideal location. As a music major, doing my work in the music library definitely has its perks. Not only am I surrounded by vast amounts of information, but I am also in the near vicinity of like- minded people. Sometimes it is comforting to know that the people near you are also invested in the same field, and other times they are a wonderful resource to bounce questions or ideas off. Over the four years, that little back room in the music school library has seen me through many hours of research and studying. It’s sort of a tradition for me now, when I know it’s time to really buckle down, there is no other place I can truly work.

Today marks 100 days until my graduation from CUA. It seems so surreal that my four years are rapidly coming to a close. In writing this blog post, I looked back over my tracking sheet at the many different courses I had taken, some more difficult than others. I thought back to my many long hours writing papers, and memorizing facts. I smiled, thinking of how many hours I had spent in that small library, and how all of them had been worth every minute. Essentially what I think I’m trying to say is this: If you come to CUA (which I hope you do), find some place that both comforts and inspires you. Whether that place is your residence hall lounge, the computer lab, or a small desk tucked away in a forgotten corner; find somewhere where you are at peace. Trust me, when it’s time to write the twenty page paper, you will need all the peace you can get. If my experience is worth anything, having that place of refuge will make all the difference towards your work load, and overall education.

– Eleanor Tynan


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