Clubs & Organizations at CUA

The main reason to attend college is to receive an education. Luckily at Catholic, the learning is not just done in the classroom. On campus, there are about 95 different student organizations to get involved in, which range from cultural clubs to professional societies, political groups to service organizations, and faith-based organizations. Your four years here at Catholic definitely are not complete without membership in at least one of the various activities offered. All of the organizations are student-run, and each does amazing things.

In my opinion, the most well-known student organization is Program Board, and rightfully so. Program Board, or PB as many call it, is responsible for many of the amazing events that take place on campus each week. This past September, Program Board was responsible for planning a HUGE campus concert, called Capital Fest, featuring the band Walk the Moon. Seriously, it was one of the coolest things ever! The event was so successful and now Walk the Moon is on the radio and it’s pretty cool that we had them here hanging out with us! Besides this amazing event, PB has events every Thursday night which range from Nats games (clearly when it’s a little warmer out!), Trivia Nights, and the ever-so-popular Open Mic Nights. These events take an incredible amount of planning and dedication and it definitely always pays off. Program Board is a wonderful organization to either join or support, and most CUA students do.

Other popular organizations on campus include the College Democrats and Republicans. Both organizations are incredibly active on campus and in their respective political parties. Perks of being in either organization include awesome internship opportunities and meeting prominent political figures. Being in DC, politics is a very popular major (it makes sense!) and having these opportunities is invaluable. The cooler part about the organizations? You don’t need to be a politics major to join. I personally think it’s wonderful to still be involved even if you’ve decided not to major in politics.

At Catholic, there are so many diverse individuals that come from many different backgrounds, and there are many cultural organizations that allow exploration of various cultures. In the fall, all of these amazing groups get together for a Cultural Potluck, which is an amazing thing. Cultural organizations expose participants to food, music, art and behaviors all prevalent in the cultural groups. Joining one of these organizations is a wonderful learning experience!

There are so many different organizations to join on campus and this blog post barely scratched the surface. The summer before my first year at CUA, I went online to and spent hours reading about all of the wonderful and exciting things I could be a part of. I would encourage anyone else to do the same!

– Lexie Mayewski


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