Five Things Every First Year Student Should Do

Explore Campus

We undoubtedly have the most beautiful campus in Washington, D.C., filled with its own beautiful treasures and sights. One of the best decisions I ever made was to walk around campus with my digital camera and just take a few hours to notice the awesome and beautiful things all over campus. Below, you will see some of my favorite photos taken from around campus this past fall.

fall 2.20

Go To Everything!

Literally you should never be bored ever. There are so many things to do every single night. Go and try a new organization, meet new people, and expand your horizons. I remember the first few weeks of my freshman year, I was never in my room! It was simply a place for me to sleep at night. Other than that, I was busy busy busy! It is not frowned upon to frequently check your Orientation Extended activity booklet or stop to peruse the fliers at the Pryz- all of the Student Organizations want to see your eager and excited faces at their events! Remember, college is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so take advantage of everything you can.

Learn to Use the Metro

This one is sort of self-explanatory!2.20 4 It is not difficult by any means to use the Metro but become familiar and comfortable with getting out and around in the city! There are amazing things to be seen all throughout Washington, D.C., and the Metro is the most convenient way to see it all. Springtime is the most amazing time in the city – you get through a cold harsh winter and then finally one day you’re greeted by the beautiful blossoming cherry blossoms! Spring is a truly fantastic time in the city.  Another favored activity is of course a trip to the White House!

2.20 5

Attend Fall Fiesta           

Fall Fiesta is my favorite event on campus for the Fall Semester! Within the first two weeks of school, this event takes place and is a huge celebration and Student Activity Fair. You walk around and learn about all of the great Student Organizations on campus and then eat tacos, wear sombreros and hang out with all of your friends. I love it because you really get a feel for all the great things that go on at Catholic and then you can become involved with them simply by attending Fall Fiesta! My favorite part about it is obviously the unlimited Mexican food and FREE T-SHIRTS (which are always amazing).

Go to Office Hours/ Invest in Your Classes

This blog post would not be complete without of course including something academic- since that’s why you’re actually at Catholic. I cannot stress the importance of investing time into your classes. It really shows dedication when students take time and visit their professors during office hours either to simply introduce themselves or to get help with    something they may be struggling with. Showing that you care about your education goes a really long way in your professors’ mind. Furthermore, if you feel that tutoring would help you, those resources are available on campus! I have no shame when I tell people I take advantage of the tutoring center often.

BONUS: Stay Positive

Remember that this is going to be the best four years of your life. It will be challenging and exciting. When it gets tough just remember how awesome it is to be a young person in DC at one of the best universities ever! I have gotten through challenges in life and college simply by finding the silver lining and remaining positive throughout it all.

– Lexie Mayewski


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