A Day in the Life of a CUA Senior

One of the hardest things about choosing a college or university is trying to wrap your mind around how your day will function. Will you have class just as much as in high school? When will you find time to do homework? How do people go to class, study, manage to have jobs, internships, and participate in clubs? An information and tour at your dream school can provide a multitude of facts, statistics, and funny anecdotes. However, it is nearly impossible for an admissions team to answer one of the biggest questions students have; what will my life be like at college, specifically CUA? Well, obviously everyone’s answer is different. Here is a snapshot of what my typical college day has been while enrolled here at CUA. Please keep in mind that my conservatory style music degree is heavier in class time than most majors. Also as a side note, this is sort of a mashup of my average day, seeing as every semester and week offer a different schedule of responsibilities.

8:30am: Wake up to several alarms, while trying to not wake up my roommate. Get up. Slowly. Try to make some sort of breakfast, sometimes I even get creative and make an egg sandwich. Usually this meal consists of an apple or smoothie. Shower, get dressed, and pack my bag.

9:20am: Walk across campus to my first class.

9:40-12:00pm: Attend classes. Every semester is different, but usually the majority of my classes are in the morning/mid-day area. I prefer putting my classes around noon or earlier, so as to leave the afternoons and nights free for homework and activities.

12:00-1pm: Meet my friends in the lower Pryz food court for the daily lunch gathering, and purchase the obligatory midday Starbucks coffee.

1pm-2pm: Sit in the lower lobby of the music school studying, practicing ear training music, or simply chatting with music school students and faculty.

2:00-5:00pm: Attend more classes. Usually my performance and workshop classes are in the evening. This puts my heavy academic load in the morning and my focused performance classes in the evening.

5:00pm: Meet friends for dinner, or grab the beloved Student Restaurant to-go box and load it with dinner foods.

6:00-7:00pm: Head back to my residence hall, to “start my homework.” But let’s be honest here, this is my necessary Netflix/ Hulu hour. A girl has got to keep up with her shows, right?

7:00-10:00pm: These are my prime working hours. Usually, this means that I simply do homework. Other times I work a short shift in the Nursing Library, where I have worked since freshman year. If I am blessed enough to be involved in a musical show, these are the main rehearsal hours.

10:00pm-12:00am: This is my “me” time. Most often I meet up with friends for a late night board game, or drink tea with my roommate while watching sitcom re-runs. This is the most cherished part of my day. It’s the time when my work can be put aside, and I can take time to focus on the people I love most. Sometimes that means taking some personal time to look up internships, or more recently jobs and apartments. Other times it entails calling my sister or simply going to bed early. I highly recommend leaving a few hours of your life open. Don’t schedule them with work unless absolutely necessary.

Overall, I live a pretty hectic life. Most of my time is scheduled. Coming into college I didn’t think a day could be this full. Now, however, I see that when you love what you are doing, it doesn’t feel like work. I recommend finding a major and activities which challenge you and make you busy, but mainly provide you enjoyment. If you are going to work hard, it might as well be for something you love.

– Eleanor Tynan


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