Ahh midterm season. The smell of coffee wafts from every corner of campus, and the wild, frazzled students can be seen scavenging for food. It can get a bit wild and stressful when midterm season strikes. I personally find midterms to be harder than finals. At least during Finals week you don’t have to continue to go to your daily classes; instead you have all day to study. Midterm exams are just as important, but with less time to study. I am aware that the picture I am painting may not seem enticing. You might be asking yourself, “Why would an admissions blogger tell prospective students tales of stress and worrying?” Good question, but here is my reasoning. College is a time of learning, studying, and testing yourself. In order to learn or succeed you will absolutely have times of worry and concern. These emotions simply indicate that you are invested in your academic career. You will face midterms at any academic institution you attend – it is just part of the deal. Therefore, I thought that sharing with you ahead of time, might ease the blow of your first semester testing. So midterms are hard, we all know that. They are a mid-point in the semester. They show you much work you need to do, give you an idea on your progress, and help you gauge your comprehension. Today I thought I would share my list of midterm hints, that I have crafted over four years. Maybe in the future they could help you.

  1. Study, of course. Allow yourself a bit of nerves, as they help you to be driven in your studying, but don’t over-stress. The test will come and go, and you will still be you, safe and absolutely fine. Even if you do badly on one test, you can always recover. So long story short, study but don’t kill yourself.
  2. Forgive yourself: sometimes we hold ourselves to impossible standards. If once and a while you mess up, let it go. It doesn’t help to dwell on it.
  3. Do something fun the weekend before midterms. The weekend is a great time to catch up on work, but don’t let that be the only thing you do. If you feel that you simply can’t spend any time away from the flashcards and books, bring them with you in the city. Find a new hidden café to work at, or quiz a friend on the Lincoln Memorial steps.
  4. Drink coffee. Your dining dollars are your best friend, make sure you save some for midterm coffee runs.
  5. Lean on your friends. If you are lucky, some friends might offer to help you study, or quiz you on your terms. Let them. They want to help, and you’re going to need it. Sometimes a new pair of eyes can really help provide a new perspective on the material.

These are my top five tips for surviving the midterm weeks. Though I hope you come to Catholic University, I think you could use these hints anywhere. Overall, just let yourself off the hook sometimes, work hard, and have fun. That’s what college is all about, right?

– Eleanor Tynan


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