Post-Graduation Plans

If you ask any college senior what they are asked most often they will reply, “What are you going to do after college?” the infamous question with so many answers. As I approach my final months at CUA, I am faced with an immense amount of possibilities. For the first time in 21 years nothing is planned for me. My life is in my own control. I am blessed with a family who will support my decisions, as long as they make me happy. I know that my education here at Catholic has made me well-equipped in my field. This leaves me in a place of limbo. I could move anywhere and do anything; I have no limits. I have been applying for jobs all around the country, in many different sectors. I have even had some responses, and interviews. However, as of yet I have no permanent plans. As of now my short term plans are such: I will spend the summer at my grandmother’s beach house on Cape Cod, as I have done in previous years. There are multitudes of summer positions open in that area. I also have the opportunity to possibly work full time at a theater I previously completed an internship with, located in Brewster, Massachusetts. After that, I am considering returning to the Washington, D.C., area. I have many friends and connections here that may make the transition to “real life” a bit easier. The long term goal is to eventually work for a nonprofit organization that sponsors art in communities, with a specific emphasis on encouraging creativity with youth groups. At this point those are all of the plans I have to report. I expect to hear in April with job responses, so I will keep the blog updated. What I am positive about it this: CUA has provided me with a well-rounded, concentrated degree in Music which makes me well prepared for a career in any artistic or musical sector. When I walk at graduation in two months, I will walk with pride, knowing that my education has allowed me to grow as a person, and given me my independence as a citizen of the world.

– Eleanor Tynan


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