Exploring D.C.

As someone who spent four years of high school in New York City, I am a big “foodie.” I loved just going out to lunch in the city and picking any type of food, trying everything I could get my hands on. The best (and potentially the worst) part about being a foodie in a big city is the price. But if you know where to go, you can get the best foods for dirt cheap.

And that’s another reason why I wanted to attend college in a big city. Washington, D.C., has one of the most eclectic and diverse collection of foods in the country. From food trucks to 5-star restaurants to holes-in-the-wall, this city holds a lot in store for someone who prides himself or herself in being a foodie.

So whAndrew Photo 1 3.24at’s my favorite thing to do in D.C., you ask? Explore. Although I rarely have the time to just simply explore the city and find inexpensive yet delicious food, it has to be one of the more cherished activities of mine. Finding that “deal” or that restaurant that’s actually worth their hefty price tag makes exploring an interesting ordeal.

One of my favorite types of food is sushi. And when I say sushi, I mean real sushi, not that brown rice, vegan California roll you find at your local supermarket. Sushi almost always consists of vinegar-flavored white rice, raw fish, and vegetables. And since it’s predominantly made of raw fish, sushi has to be preparedsushi extremely carefully. This special handling, however, drives up the price of the beloved, unprocessed Japanese goodie. To my delight, I was introduced to this restaurant in Chinatown, called “Momiji,” a great Japanese restaurant that serves some good sushi rolls. What makes this restaurant even better, however, is their sushi happy hour from 3-6pm every weekday. During these glorious hours, some of their prices drop to 50% off. Now that, is one good deal for some decent sushi. Oh, and my personal recommendation is the Sakura Roll. Don’t ask, just try.

Besides sushi, an all-time favorite for me is the classic hamburger. And for those of you who sometimes don’t want to travel off-campus but aren’t necessarily in the mood for Pryz pizza, an excellent choice is Brookland Pint. This bar and restaurant is a measly 5-minute walk from campus and lives right on Monroe St. Although this dine-in isn’t the cheapest restaurant around, it’s definitely worth the money if you’re looking to splurge for that once-a-month meal with friends or to celebrate finishing a big project or test. My personal recommendations would have to be the Deluxe Burger (with bacon, of course) and the Fish and Chips.

And so, although I don’t do it all that often, eating out and exploring new restaurants is a must when you live in DC. As CUA students, we are lucky to have such a diverse city so accessible to us. It would be a sin not to immerse yourself in DC and all it has to offer. But don’t worry, the Basilica offers daily confession at 7:45am, 10am, and 3:30pm.

– Andrew Santiano

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