Odyssey Day Sneak Peek & Tip

To gain some inspiration for this blog about Odyssey Day, I decided to Google the definition of Odyssey. To say the definition applies to this day is quite an understatement: “Odyssey [oduh-see] a long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences.” Coming to Odyssey Day here at Catholic will be the beginning of your four year “adventure” which will absolutely be filled with notable experiences. Odyssey Day is personally my favorite holiday on campus (yes I did just call it a holiday) because there is so much excitement surrounding the day and even more excitement about your future at CUA.

I remember very fondly my own Odyssey Day as an incoming student. I had only visited CUA once before and was torn between CUA and another college in another city. I recall what it was like driving back down to DC with my mom for the event; we talked the entire way about what we loved about Catholic. Once we arrived, I had this gut feeling that my mind would be made up by the end of the day. We were greeted by so many smiling faces of current students, admissions counselors and we were astonished by how friendly and welcoming everyone was! I would love to say that I had a favorite part of the day, but honestly, it was all so amazing and I had a fantastic time.

The day started with a speech by University President, John Garvey, who was such an entertaining and charismatic speaker. My mom and I really enjoyed the speech and the fact that it was in the beautiful Basilica did not hurt. From there, the Student Activity fair was our next stop. I was amazed at all the different student organizations that were present on campus: anything you could possibly think of, we have it. After walking around and learning all about the wonderful things I could get involved with on campus, we gave ourselves a few minutes to eat lunch before the excitement continued. Afterwards, we went to check out a residence hall to see what kind of room I would be living in. As we continued to walk around campus, we stumbled upon some different places that we had not seen before, and of course were impressed. As my mom and I made our way back toward the Pryz, we decided to go a little further and sit near the Basilica. This campus is beautiful, arguably the most beautiful in DC (but maybe I am a little biased!). Once we were sitting out there, I had that amazing sense that this was my new home. Spoiler Alert: I committed to Catholic the following day.

A few key things that you should know about Odyssey Day:

  • It is your day! You get to personalize your day to your interests and I think that is a great quality about the day.
  • Take advantage of having all of the Cardinal Ambassadors, Admissions Counselors and current students there: ask all the questions you have and use everyone around as a resource to get to know Catholic better.
  • Go on one of the evening trips! Though these are optional, I would recommend it. I went on the Washington, DC Bus Tour at night and it was a perfect way for me to also get to know the city, make some new friends and even greater memories.

Odyssey Day really is an amazing experience. This year I had the pleasure of helping to plan the big day so this year is even more exciting for me. I am so thrilled to be welcoming all the Class of 2019 and help them begin their journey to Catholic. I have written so many blogs about my amazing experiences here, and I am now glad to be sharing the reason all of those experiences began. It is so hard to believe this was three years ago already; time really does fly when you’re having fun. Join us for Odyssey Day with an open mind and be ready to make some amazing memories. Can’t wait to meet all of you wonderful Future Cardinals!

– Lexie Mayewski


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