Senior Year Reflection

So this is it. My last and final posting on the blog. When I looked ahead on the blog calendar, this post seemed so far away. I thought to myself, “When this blog comes along, I will be graduating. I will have my life planned, and I will be leaving CUA…..I hope this takes a long time to get here.” To no one’s surprise the winter faded into spring and the semester passed. The cherry blossoms whipped the city into a frenzy of tourists and swirling pink flowers fluttering in the wind. Now, the leaves are all green, and the air teases of summer warmth. Graduation is looming, only three short weeks away. There is a sense of finality in everything I do.

So in this blog post, I am supposed to reflect on my past year. As a senior, this was my capstone year. The year where I tried to cram everything in, and take full advantage of the opportunities that DC offers. I aimed to spend as much time with friends as possible and truly appreciate CUA for all its splendors. I started off the year hot off a crazed summer of internships and jobs. I was ready for hard work and thriving on the energy of my pa1909534_10204096706170104_2258519898901794266_ost few months. I immediately was cast in the fall musical, Carousel by Rodgers and Hammerstein. They are my favorite writing duo for the stage, so I was pretty pumped. After the show ended in October, things really picked up. I dressed up as Van Gogh for Halloween and carved some pumpkins. Thanksgiving came and I was IMG_3211lucky to be home with my family for my favorite holiday. As the semester wrapped up I performed in my third and final Christmas Concert for Charity at the Basilica. Over break I worked at an elementary school and visited family and friends. I was even lucky enough to spend New Year’s with my best friend in Boston. As the second semester approached I worked tirelessly on my Senior Recital. This is my form of a comprehensive exam, so it was important that it fulfilled all the requirements. Despite all of the work it required I did manage to have some fun. I went to an IMAX movie at the Air and Space Museum, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at Irish events, hosted a Super Bowl party, went to see a play, and participated in my last Odyssey Day. I was blessed to participate in Senior Retreat, which allowed me to truly reflect on my choices that lay 11138152_847078918713431_7644220469273720796_nahead. It provided a period of contemplation, which was very much needed. I was blessed to do some performing as well. I had a showcase in both DC and NYC; performed at the DC Metropolitan Club Irish Night, and had a solo at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. Our NYC showcase also allowed us to take advantage of the city. We ate our way through great restaurants, saw Broadway shows, and even saw some famous people. As an added bonus I have completed, passed, and performed my recital. Wow. Typing all of the things I did out makes me realize how truly busy I was.

Senior year was an interesting year. Despite all the fun things I listed, people were often very busy. Most of my friends were in the “Senior Crunch”, working endlessly on graduation requirements. However, I made the most of the precious moments we could carve out. I knew that every seemingly simple meeting was valuable. Ironically, I made more new friends this year than I would have expected. Some of these new friends have proved to be some of the best I have had at CUA.  I am sad to be leaving.


Yes, I am officially leaving. Not only am I graduating in a few weeks, but I have accepted a position at an arts sponsorship nonprofit on Cape Cod. Though I am extremely excited by this opportunity, I am not eager to leave my life in D.C. Over the past four years I have grown as a learner, performer, friend, daughter, and individual. I have traveled across the globe, and been provided with countless opportunities. I have had the pleasure to live in a globally influential city and bask in the glory of all it provides. CUA taught me that listening can be the most powerful tool and that good friendships can transcend any hardships. I could go on to list every single thing that I have learned in my time at CUA, but for your sake, and the sake of my typing fingers, I will not. I will leave you with this: I am not eager to leave my friends that I have made at CUA, but I know that these relationships can survive any distance. I am not eager to leave behind the community at CUA, but I know that I will always be welcomed back with open arms. It is bittersweet to say goodbye. However, I am excited for the future, and the ability to grasp the new and exciting possibilities that it may bring. I know CUA has prepared me in every way possible. So for now, goodbye, and good luck in all of your future college adventures.

– Eleanor Tynan

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