100 Days until Graduation!

Hello! My name is Lexie Mayewski and I am a senior Civil Engineering major from Galloway, NJ! I am involved on campus in quite a few capacities: I am the Lead Cardinal Ambassador, a Resident Assistant for upperclassmen and I work as a Member of The President’s Society. I am excited to be blogging for Admissions and sharing my experiences with you all and I hope you enjoy my first post!
Today marks an exciting, yet scary day in the books of all Seniors here at CUA. It is officially one hundred days until we graduate and start a whole new chapter of our lives! Most seniors will spend the next 100 days in deep thought about what the future will hold, whether it’s grad school, a year of service, or the dreaded work force. All we know for sure is that on May 14th, a whole new chapter of our lives will begin and there is no turning back.
I have loved every minute of my experience here at CUA. I am fortunate enough to have started my senior year with a clear path of where I’d be going once May 14th finally came. I will begin my career with a reputable company in the construction industry after I spend one last summer on the Jersey Shore. I am also fortunate enough to be staying in the DC area. As much as life will change, so much of what I love about CUA and DC will still be in close reach of the new life I am creating for myself.
Only having 100 Days until I graduate is a bittersweet fact. Making the most of the coming 100 days will be crucial. One thing I know for certain: my next 100 days will be filled with gratitude and appreciation for all that this community has done for me. In a cool way, I will also reflect on some of the things I have contributed back to the campus. I will wake each morning with the realization that my days here as a student are numbered and then act accordingly.
In these next 100 days as a Cardinal Ambassador, I will also get to influence many prospective students in their decisions to attend CUA. My advice to them will be to make the most of every single opportunity that CUA and Washington, DC has to offer. Freshman year me would not believe the amount of growth I would go through in my time in this special place. Sitting here with only one hundred days left until this chapter closes, I know I made the best decision in making Catholic my home for my four years of college.

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