Day in the Life of a Sophomore

Hi, y’all! My name is Virginia, and I’m a sophomore Media and Communication Studies major from Houston, Texas. On an average day at Catholic, you’ll find me pVirginiaTexasPhotoractically anywhere but my room. I’m either in class, at work, attending some on-campus event, or on a random DC adventure. My classes are all interesting, and I have had the opportunity to learn loads of really neat things. One of my favorite classes, a Tuesday/Thursday class, is called Media Rhetoric and Aesthetics (which really is a fancy title that means “Media Production”). In this class, I’ve been learning the skills necessary to have a baseline understanding for all things production-related. Following a reading- and writing-intensive Media and Communication class last semester, this course is quite a different pace, but I’m loving the challenge and have already learned so much in just these past few weeks of the spring semester.

When I am not in class, you can find me escorting Red, the CUA mascot, around to different events and sports games on campus.  I am one of four Red Managers and have the responsibility of taking Red to any event where his presence is requested! One of the more popular Red events during winter are the basketball games. There, Red struts around high-fiving and taking pictures with students. Watching Red boost school spirit through his mere presence has been one of the coolest and most rewarding parts of being a Red Manager.I am also a member of a group on campus called Custos Utiquae Antiquitatis (“Custos” for short), which means “Keeper of Traditions.” The group is focused on maintaining CUA traditions and helping to cultivate overall school spirit wherever and whenever possible.

But one of my absolute favorite things to do is go on random DC excursions with my friends or even by myself. I mean, Catholic is in the nation’s capital, how could you not explore the city? There are so many hidden spots in the District, from trails to cafés to shops – there’s just so much to do on any given day in the city. There is no guarantee on where I may be in the city, but it is a guarantee that I will be in the city almost always.

Sophomore year is so different than freshman year, but just as fun. I’ve officially settled in and found what I love to do and who I love to be around, and that has made this year even more memorable and exciting.



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